Undergraduate Placement Examination Turkey

In order to gain admittance into the undergraduate programme of the higher education institution in Turkey, students are required to take an entrance exam- “Student Selection and Placement System (In Turkish: Oğrenci Secme ve Yerleştirme Sistemi, OSYS)” or Higher Education Examination-Undergraduate Placement Examination (In Turkish: Yuksekoğretime Gecis Sınavı-Lisans Yerleştirme Sınavı, or YGS-LYS). 

The Student Selection and Placement system is a standardized test that is organized and managed by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM).  The exam is a multiple choice exam and is divided into stages.
  • Stage 1: Higher education transition examination (YSG)
  • Stage 2: Undergraduate placement examination (LYS)
Students are required to first take the YGS in April, and those who pass stage 1 must take LYS in June. 

Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS, Yuksek Ogretime Gecis Sinavi)

Students who have finished their secondary education and want to pursue higher education in Turkey are required to take YGS exam. It is an entrance exam for Turkish higher education and is held in April.

The higher education transition examination (YSG) tests pupils in 4 core curriculum subjects:
  • Basic mathematics
  • Turkish language and expression
  • Sciences
  • Social sciences
Students who wish to apply to the associate degree programme in Turkey can only take the higher education examination (YGS). 

No. of questions in YGS: The YGS has 160 questions of different subjects:
  • Geography- 12 questions
  • Physics- 14 questions
  • History- 15 questions 
  • Philosophy- 8 questions
  • Biology- 13 questions 
  • Maths- 40 questions 
  • Chemistry-13 questions
  • Turkish Language- 40 questions
  • Religion Culture & Morality Knowledge- 5 questions
Duration: The total time allotted for this stage is 160 minutes.

Minimum score required in YGS: 140 points out of 500

Students who do not get the minimum score are not eligible to apply for higher education institution in Turkey with their YGS scores, but take the LYS exam in the second round.

Candidates who achieve a score between 140.000 and 179.999 in YGS are eligible to apply for only associate degree programmes of vocational schools and open education programmes.

Candidates who obtain a score of at least 180 points in YGS are eligible to sit for the LYS exam. With this score, candidate can apply for vocational schools and open education programmes, as well as for undergraduate degree programmes.

Undergraduate Placement Examinations (LYS, Lisans Yerlestirme Sinavi)

The LYS exams assess the skills and knowledge of the candidates on the basis of the course/programme. The LYS exam is held in June. The LYS exam has 5 exams: 
  • Foreign language
  • Mathematics
  • Social sciences
  • Literature and geography
  • Natural sciences
Each LYS exam is evaluated individually and a standard score is calculated for each exam. 

Minimum score: 180 points over 500
Candidates who score at least 180 in LYS exams are eligible to make preference for the undergraduate degree programmes offered by the higher education institutions in Turkey. 

YGS-LYS Results

The YGS-LYS results are declared in June and students are required to register at the universities in Turkey in August first week.

Final score is calculated by adding 40% of the YGS score and 60% of the LYS exam, and adding the final grade with the secondary GPA (grade point average).

To know more about the exams, visit the official website of Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM) www.osym.gov.tr
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