TYS: Turkish Proficiency Exam

The Turkish proficiency exam (TYS) is prepared and organized by the Institute of Yunus Emre in conformity with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students who wish to study at Turkish educational institutions are required to demonstrate their level of command in the Turkish language. They can sit for the TYS exam. This exam assesses the Turkish language knowledge and skills. Students who successfully pass the Turkish proficiency exam are generally exempted from the language classes held in higher education institutions in Turkey.

The Turkish proficiency exam evaluates the listening, reading, speaking and writing skills of the candidates. The TYS exam is taken in 2 sessions:
  • First session: Comprises of the reading, writing and listening sections 
  • Second session: Comprises of the speaking section wherein the candidates are required to answer question about independent speaking and dialogues.
The TYS exam is held thrice in a year:
  • January
  • May
  • September

Turkish Proficiency Exam Structure

The TYS exam has reading, writing, listening and speaking sections
  • Total duration: 180 minutes
  • Total no. of questions: 80
  • Total score: 80
Reading: This section has 40 multiple-choice or true and false questions, and assesses the reading and understanding skills of the candidates.
  • Duration: 60 minutes 
Listening: This section has 30 multiple-choice or true and false questions
  • Duration: 45 minutes
Writing: In this section, there are two parts. Part 1 has one question and the time allotted to complete that part is 20 minutes; and part 2 has two questions and the time allotted is 40 minutes.
  • Total duration: 60 minutes 
Part 1 total score is 10 and part 2 total score is 15.

Speaking: Comprises of an independent speech conversation or dialogues. In this section, one question is based on the candidates’ independent speech and time allotted to completed that question is 5 minutes; and the other is the conversation part or dialogues, in which candidates are required to answer 7 questions and time allotted for this part is 10 minutes.
  • Total time allotted: 15 minutes
Part 1- the independent speech carries 10 points, and part 2- the 7-10 dialogues carry 15 points.


The total score is 100, with each section carrying equal weightage, i.e. 25 points. At least 50% in each section, i.e. 12.5 points is required in order to receive the certificate. 
  • To attain a level B2: total score between 55 and 70 is required
  • To attain a level C1: total score between 71 and 88 is required
  • To attain a level C2: total score between 89 and 100 is required.


The TYS results are announced within 15 days after the exam date.

Certificate: A Turkish proficiency certificate is issued to candidates who pass the exam. The certificate is valid for a period of 2 years. 

Registration and Fees

Candidates can apply in person by going to the Yunus Emre Institute in Ankara, or by visiting the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre in abroad. The TYS fees vary from country to country. 

For latest updates about Turkish Proficiency Exam see official website www.yee.org.tr
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