Turkey as a Study Destination

Turkey is located in between Asia and Europe. It is place where old and new traditions coexist. The two continents cultures blends beautifully. Turkey is known for its beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Turkey is a home to many well-known empires from the Byzantines to the Ottomans to the contemporary Turkish Republic. The country has always been a hub of culture and modern education. The country is positioned as a melting pot of different cultures. The country’s economy is rapidly expanding.

Turkey has several top quality higher education institutions. International students who come to study in Turkey not only receive best education, but also get to experience first-hand the vibrant and dynamic culture of the country. The higher education institutions of Turkey offer academic programs with a global-perspective.

Reasons to Study Abroad in Turkey

Turkey welcomes students from all over the globe. The country is coming forth as a new global study destination around the globe.  Following are the reasons to study abroad in the Republic of Turkey:

World Class Education 

Turkey is known for its world class education. The Turkish universities offer a multitude of courses. Most of the Turkish universities provide courses in English. There are many study options from specialized degrees to unique study programmes. Multicultural affairs programmes are popular.  Programmes in Engineering, Business Management, Travel, International Relations, Tourism and Hospitality, and Eastern Mediterranean Studies are also popular. The qualifications/degrees offered by the Turkish universities are internationally recognized. Also, the university campuses are well-built and modern with all the required facilities- labs, libraries, sports centres, canteens, dormitories, student clubs, etc.

University & Industry Cooperation

The Turkish higher education institutions offer courses that meet the needs of the world’s industries. The Law on Technology Development was passed in 2001 that paved the way for establishing the technology development centers and techno-parks in the higher education institution campus, thus giving hands-on training experience for students. The courses of study are developed in conjunction with firms so as to provide students training, internship and placements in the relevant industry.

Affordable Study and Living

In Turkey, the study and living expenses are low.  Even in the country’s big cities, like Istanbul, students can affordable accommodation and food. The higher education institution-state or private have reasonable fees. The fees in Turkey is lower than most of European countries. 

Easy Availability of Accommodation

Students in Turkey can easily get a place to live. The higher education institutions of Turkey offer dormitories to students. Also, other housing options, such as rent a flat/apartment, youth hostels, etc. are available.

Safe and Friendly Environment

Turkey has a welcoming, safe and friendly environment.  The hospitality of the people out there gives a pleasant sense of security.

Great Cultural Experience

Turkey boasts of cosmopolitan and vibrant town and cities, thus offering diverse cultural experiences. The country is a blend of east and west. Turkey has bits of the Roman, Mediterranean, Greek, Balkan, Arabic, and Ottoman cultures in various parts of Turkey.

Many Scholarship Opportunities

There are many scholarship opportunities available for international students. The Turkey government offer scholarships for international students to go for higher studies in Turkey. The scholarships are mostly state-funded. Also, the Turkish universities offer scholarship programmes based on academic merit and financial need.

Studying and living in the Republic of Turkey will definitely be of great value and gives you the opportunity to experience different cultures thus broadening your global view. It opens you the doors of a better academic, social, personal and professional life. 
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