Turkish Higher Education Institutions

In Turkey, higher education institutions comprises of universities, institute, conservatories, faculties, vocational schools of higher education, military and police academies and colleges, schools of higher education, and application and research centres. 

Universities, institutes and faculties of 4-year higher education institutions are established by Law, while the 2-year vocational schools are founded by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE). Universities in Turkey are managed and regulated by the council of higher education.

The higher education institutions in Turkey carry out different activities, such as educational activities and scientific research.

In Turkey, higher education institutions are mainly categorized into 3 groups:
  • State universities
  • Private or foundation universities 
  • Higher vocational schools

State Universities 

The state universities of Turkey offer specialized education in several fields. Students must have completed secondary/high school education in order to gain admittance into the degree programmes offered by the Turkish state universities.

These universities are administered and established by the state, and are determined as public entities that enjoy autonomy in research and teaching.

All the state universities comprises of institutes, faculties and 4-year schools of higher education. These universities provide bachelor, master’s and doctorate degree programmes. Also, associate degree programmes are offered through their vocational schools.

Some of state universities of Turkey are internationally recognized, and offer programmes in a wide range of fields, 
such as engineering, applied science, social science, art and education. Some of the state universities are Istanbul University, Bogazici University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Middle East Technical University, and many more.

Higher Vocational Schools

The higher vocational schools in Turkey emphasize on specific vocational education and training. These higher education institutions offer studies that last for 2 years, and prepare pupils for associate degree (pre-bachelor’s degree).  

The state as well as private universities in Turkey has higher vocational schools that prepare students to enter the labour market.

The higher vocational schools transform the pupil’s theoretical knowledge into practical skills. The empirical and theoretical knowledge gained by pupils in any specific subject are directly put into real-life use. Most of these schools are in partnership with industries and businesses, so that pupils are equipped with the much needed skills and knowledge for the job market.

Foundation or Private Universities (Non-Profit)

The private or foundation universities are set up by the private foundations as per the principles and process laid down by law, and are under the authority of the state. The state controls and supervises these universities. These universities are non-profit in nature. 

These universities carry out educational and research activities, and comprises of institutions and faculties. These universities provide bachelor, master’s and PhD degrees. Also, associate degree programmes are offered through vocational schools.

These universities also conduct joint programmes with many higher education institutions around the world. These joint programmes offer a global experience and great learning opportunities to the students. Also, the private universities of Turkey provide many scholarships to pupils. About 40% of the pupils get financial support from the foundation university. Many of the private universities have student accommodation facilities, sports facilities, and many other services in their campus. 

Units/Divisions in Turkish Higher Education Institutions

Following are the units in the Turkish universities:

Faculty (College): The faculty carries out higher education and research. Many departments are connected to this division. This division provides bachelor degree programmes that lasts for 4 years.

Graduate school: The graduate school is an institution in universities that deals with graduate education, academic research and applications. These schools confer MSc, MA and PhD degrees.

Post-secondary school: The post-secondary school offers education in particular profession, and these educational programmes last for 8 semesters.

Conservatory: Conservatory provides artistic education. This higher education institution provides education and training in the field of performing arts and music. The education offered has 8 semesters. 

Post-secondary vocational school: The post-secondary vocational schools provide training in a particular vocation, and the educational programmes offered by the schools last for 4 semesters.

Research and Application Center: The research and application centres in Turkey conduct research and applied science to fulfill the study needs of different fields, and also it supports education in higher education institutions by providing support activities required for several professional fields.
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