Steps of Choosing the Right Course to Study in Turkey

Turkey offers a multitude of undergraduate and graduate programmes. Read on to know about the “Steps of Choosing the Right Programme”:

Step 1: Know your Goals

Determine your goals. What you want to do in life and how do you intend to achieve those goals.

Step 2: Self-reflection

Determine the reasons for wanting to study abroad in Turkey. Know what course you want to pursue and why? There can be many reasons, such as academic interest, professional or career-related, etc. 

Step 3: Research

Research about the higher education institutions in Turkey offering the course you want to take up. Prepare a list of universities offering that particular course and know about their admission requirements, course structure, credit points, and other related things. 

Also, while choosing a course of study, you must keep in mind some of the important elements, such as accommodation availability, scholarships and other financial support offered, location, transportation, environment, costs of study and living, and career prospects. 

Search and research about all the aforementioned elements as well. You can also visit the university campus, talk to the faculty and students and know more about the institution. Get a feel of the university environment. Also, if you’ve any doubts about anything, ask!

Step 4: Get Started with Application

Once you’ve weighed the elements that are important to you, take a final call and then start applying.
Contact the admission office of the chosen university if you’ve any queries while applying. 

Timeline for University Application

For undergraduate application: The common deadline is before the August 1. 

Graduate applications: For fall semester, some of the universities accept applications by May-end; and for spring semester, applications are accepted by December-end.

General Admission Requirements

For associate degree programme: Students are accepted into the associate degree programme on the basis of the higher education entrance exam (YGS) scores. 

For admission into bachelor degree programme: Students are accepted into the bachelor degree programmes on the basis of the entrance exam scores and secondary education GPA (Grade point average).

Turkish students are required to sit for a university entrance exam- YGS-LYS exam. This exam is organized by Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). :

For Master’s & PhD degree programmes: Candidates must apply directly to the university of their choice. Students are required to sit for an exam-“Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam, or ALES” in order to gain admittance into the graduate programme. The exam is organized and managed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). Also, for master's degree students must have completed undergraduate degree programmes; and for doctorate/PhD studies, students must hold a relevant master's degree. 

To get detailed information on the admission requirements and procedure for higher education institutions in Turkey, click here.

Step 5: Scholarships

Scholarships are available for both Turkish and International students- scholarships based on merit, government-funded scholarships, and many more. 

Step 6: Student Visa

International students who plan to study in Turkey require a visa. All the international students must apply for the students visa at their nearest Turkish embassy or consulate.

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